Soft Chappathi

Chappathi  is cooked on a skillet.Its a low calorie diet suitable for all..

Ingredients :

3 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup water
1 tsp oil
1 1/2tsp salt
Utensils Needed to make chapathi :
Rolling pin
wooden chapathi board(Chakla)
frying pan or tava griddle
How to Cook:
First rub some oil on ur hands so that the dough will not stick..
--In a mixing bowl,put wheat flour,add salt,add oil and some water little by little..knead well for few minutes until its all mixed well.Make sure the dough is not really very sticky..then cover the mixing bowl with a lid and keep it aside for 1hr..
-- Divide the dough and roll into round shaped balls which should come to 10 to 12 small balls
-- now take the wooden board and sprinkle some flour on the board and also powder the rolling pin just to avoid sticking..
-- keep some little amt of flour in a small bowl ready so that u can sprinkle on the board whenever u want..
-- rollout the dough ball evenly in a nice round shape or any shape u desire..esp kids will different shapes like star or mini chappathis..dont make the chappathi very thin
--Heat the tava griddle to a medium flame and when the pan is heated,place the roti.
--when the dough becomes lightly cooked or dry on side..flip over to other side and the chappathi will puff up very nicely.
--if it takes time to puff up..just flip it over every few sec..once its all done...
--if u want u can smear up some ghee or oil to the roti..
Tips :
Dont cook the chappathi in a very high will become very hard..


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