A Book to spread ripples of Peace and Devotion

As we move through our busy life -- going to work, doing laundry, caring for our homes and families,worrying abt everyone,everythin' -- many of us wonder what it is that gives true meaning to our lives. We struggle to keep pace with the complex world around us; and yet, somehow simultaneously we struggle to keep hold of the sacred in our lives,for it is...only through our understanding of the sacred or religious mind that we find the context and meaning we need to feel in our lives before it reaches the boundary line.(Means the death) We need to understand the purpose of our creation in this world..

Spiritual life is the lamp of our heart or soul to help us to touch our humanity..Spirituality is nothin to do with the renunciation of our lives..Just the essence of this spiritual life has to be applied to our practical life.For example..Though the roses differ in color it finally reflects the same fragrance..In the same way there maybe so many ways to reach GOD,But only the essence "Spiritual thought" is important..All the paths leads to the GOD's abode.i.e by leading a life in this materialistic world we should try to keep a spiritual thought on the mind to reach GOD easily...This thought can be cultivated in many ways,Reading a good book is one..

We need to start thinking about ourself and the types of books we may be interested in reading..Reading challenges, relaxes, and even causes stress for people,Just as our bodies need appropriate amounts of food and exercise to function properly, so do our minds need a similar type thing. Reading provides the mind with the food and exercise it needs to be sharp and efficient.That is how I cultivated my reading habit and I found this book as a good resource for my mind and devotion.So thought of sharing with all the readers..

The escalanation of the book..Sri Krishna 'The Darling of Humanity' byASP Iyer.Now lemme probe a question before giving u the details of this book.
Who is the Supreme Lord?
The spontaneous answer from anyone will be LordKrishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.The reason is:To be a Supreme Godhead..One must possess some superior qualities.

The question will arise.What are the superior qualities? Here goes...He must be all-attractive. How is it one can be all-attractive? First of all, if one is very wealthy,he becomes attractive to this world.That too if he helps with a generous heart with full of mercy,He will be more attractive to people.Similarly,If someone is very powerful physically and mentally with all the magical powers, he also becomes attractive,And if someone is very famous,He also becomes attractive, and if someone is very beautiful and humble or unattached to all kinds of possessions from this materialistic world, he also becomes attractive.

So when all these are practically implied then we would get a solid answer that one can be attractive if he posses all the above mentioned qualities like wealth,power,fame,beauty,wisdom and renunciation.One who is in possession of all six of these opulences at the same time,Possessing them to an unlimited degree,is understood to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead.That is why Sri Krishna is called the Supreme GodHead.

There are various classes of men in the world who speak of God in different ways,I am not writing this to say that Only Lord Krishna is the supreme lord.It all the depends on everyone's own perceptions.The pure devotion and a good experience with involvement will bring anyone to a deep realization of the omnipresent.

This book dwells on the theme of Lord's Life..Sri Krishna's multiple-image,relating to the different roles he played (as in the MahaBharat) has been escalated excellently.This book gives a clear conception of our scriptures with Three parts with each part having many stories of Krishna role.

First part - Krishna leelas(Merriments) and his role in the battle of Gurukshetra Darling of Humanity Gopala,The Child of Gokulam with countless pranks to his credit, and the pre-adolescent boy dallying with damsels. The Kalinga Nartana - dance on the snake king Kalinga,Navaneeta Natya - As fresh butter krishna.The charming lad who became the darling of gopas and gopis and played pranks on them, who stole and thrilled their hearts with sweet notes from his flute.

second part - The teaching of the lord -Here,GOD lets out the secret of this avatara - incarnation as enshrined in the Charama Sloka of the Bhagavad Geeta,That the Lord expects man to surrender (saranam vraja) to Him.He says he's the sole reason for all the happenings and he assures that he will purify all the sins of his devotees.

Third part - Incarnations. In response to the love of exalted devotees and to teach dharma,GOD has manisfested himself in various cosmic forms.He also manisfests Himself in truth,in divine qualities,in the beauty of nature and mainly in the soul of every Human being. Its worth reading this book.It cost 10$.Hope all the MSians will enjoy reading this book.

Chant HareKrishna,HareRama and be Happy..


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