Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon pakodas are anytime snack..Almost for all the festis it will the first snack everyone will love in the family..its really easy to make..


Besan flour - 1 cup
Rice flour - 2 cups
Butter – 1 tbsp
Red chillie powder – 1 teaspoon. (Based on ur taste)
Sesame seeds (optional)- Any color- but this will enhance the flavour
Cumin seeds(optional)
Oil - for deepfrying
Sev presser/Sev Sancha

How to Cook:

--Take a heavy bottomed vessel and heat the oil in a medium flame
Next Step :
--Take a bowl,Add besan flour,riceflour,butter(Melt it),salt,red chilli powder,salt,cumin seeds,sesame seeds,asafoetida - mix it well

--Now add water little by little and mix it slowly..

--Knead the dough into a firm and moist ball(moist ball will be easier to press)

--Now take the sev press with a vertical line holes and grease it with a 1/2 tsp of oil

--Fill the sev presser with the dough as needed and start squeezing the dough slowly into the hot oil

--The dough will turn golden color and flip it to the other side and fry well..

--Fry it in a medium flame orelse the pakoda will turn black quickly in high heat..

--Drain the excess oil in a tissue paper..

--Thats it..Thin crispy Ribbon pakodas are ready to serve..Crispy but it will melt in mouth..


--If u want u can also add ginger-garlic paste,but this is very much optional based on the individual preference..I have not added it..

--Let it cool down and Store it in an airtight container


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